Digital Marketing Ideas

20 Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Budgets

You’ll get the most bang for your buck from a digital presence that brings your company awareness, engages your audience and showcases your brand personality. But that doesn’t mean your campaign has to be complicated or costly. Here are a few online marketing ideas to get started:

Be Social

1. Look for a good deal for ads on social media. – Often web hosting sites offer discounts for Facebook or Google ads with your membership. Check that you’re redeeming your own.

2. Get your fans involved by featuring them online. – It’ll be beneficial to both parties as you receive more content to share and fans are given their own 15 minutes of fame.

3. Make a call to action and reward those who answer. – Similar to #2, give your followers an incentive to share a story or to perform a task and write about it.

4. Use hashtags – There are many popular hashtags, for example #SonicSunday or #ThrowBackThursday. Join in on the fun and get some exposure or start your own to see who gets involved.  

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. – What’s keeping your team up at night? Not sure your new product will be well received? Why not ask your followers for some honest feedback? As long as you aren’t afraid to respond to the criticism, this is an excellent and inexpensive method to gain some preliminary market research.  

For further details, AdWeek has created an infographic that breaks down what and where each age group shares online.

Get Discovered

6. Pay for space on alternative search engines – If done correctly, Google really is the best way to reach a broad range of people, but despite the ability to set spend limits, keywords can become too competitive for a small budget. Luckily, StumbleUpon, a web searching app that will randomly select websites for internet surfers based on chosen interests, offers a paid service. This is best for those with image, entertainment or interest based content on their website. Their fees are lower than many similar options, starting at 10 cents per click plus an additions 2 cents for either gender, age, or device targeting. With approximately 30 million users it’s a valuable tools for creating awareness that draws users right into your webpage.

7. Build a base of customers-turned-advocates to spread your message. – Ask people who are big fans of your products to get involved. You can also use a service like Klout or Traackr to find online influencers, that is social media users who have a strong following, to post about your products to their network in exchange for rewards.

8. Demonstrate your company on a Top 10 lists – Find online publications that are creating a ‘Top 10’ list and ask how you can submit your own company. Many localized blogs, such as BlogTO are frequently creating lists in various categories.

Create Content

9. Guest author a blog post. – Writing sponsored content is an excellent way to build credibility with an audience. Partner with a blog that has the readers you want to reach to write about a topic that will create curiosity, debate or amusement. Just be sure to get a credit and link to your company’s website at the end of the article.

10. Write up a summary of an industry event. – If you’ve attended an event recently, why not recount how it went from your perspective. It’ll be a great source of information for those who didn’t attend or want to attend the next year while displaying an initiative to expand your company’s knowledge.  

11. Post about a hot topic. – There’s nothing wrong with gaining some publicity from controversy. Write a blog post about your take on an issue that affects your industry.

Share knowledge

12. Create instructional videos –  What better way to share your expertise than to walk your audience through a concept on or YouTube?  

13. Make a how-to guide. – Write an easy to use step-by-step guide. Just like creating an instructional video, but with less production costs.

14. Host online webinars. – Teach and engage with your customers in real-time as you host an online course.

15. Go colourful with your data. – Create visually appealing, shareable infographics and charts. Just don’t forget to brand your content.

16. Write case studies or whitepapers. – If you’ve had an interesting dilemma facing your industry, discuss how you would have navigated the issue to come out on top.

Find a Niche

17. Guest on niche podcasts. – Take a tip from Elijah Wood who guested on podcasts for film buffs and comic book fans to promote his movie, Cooties. Given the unusual premise of the movie, this helped him reach a unique audience in an authentic way.

18. Become a sponsor – Invest in an event that really matters to your target, help promote it online and make the day better for attendees.

19. Share deals. – Post deals on third party sites like Groupon to find new customers or post them to your own social media to engage current ones.

20. Enhance your app. – Use loyalty points, personalized data feeds and maps, or games to make using your app more immersive and fun.


Credit to: Megan Marrs, WordStream; EverSpark; Jayson DeMers, Forbes; Megan Marrs, WordStream; Dave Schneider, SocialMouths