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3 Ways a Co-Op Student Can Help Your Business

There are various reasons why a co-op student, that is students currently looking for entry-level job placements in the industry to gain experience, is a great addition to your business. You can pass on your knowledge while increasing your workforce and the student will gain great experience. However, until you actually hire a co-op student and see the benefits first-hand, will you see the real advantage of this talent pool. Below we’ve highlighted just some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a co-op student this year.

1.  The Talent

While it may be obvious that hiring a co-op student means you can acquire an employee for a reduced cost, commitment, and risk to your business, it may not be so obvious what that student actually brings to the table. First of all, students like those at George Brown College are fresh from learning the industry, including the most up-to-date modes of thinking regarding business and marketing. It’s like sending your employees to a wide-ranging skills development workshop without having them out of the office.

Not only do the students know a lot about marketing, but if you hire them on and decide you need someone new to fill that internship or another role, guess what? These students know a dozen more students just like them. Students tend to associate with peers that have the same overall goals and focus on their education. Hiring the classmate of your last intern is one of the best referral programs you can find for new talent.

2.  The Projects

As stated above, students have new knowledge within the industry, but they also combine that with a very strong desire to perform well for their co-workers and managers. With a little guidance, a co-op student can often tackle some of the most demanding tasks in your company. If you want to practice this give a student employee a project you’ve been putting off, not because the work is tedious, but because it’s not pressing. This way, the company crosses something off of the to-do list and a student gains valuable experience and learning. By using a project that isn’t due for a while, you’ll have time to give feedback.

Now just watch what they can do. Marketing Students at George Brown College are literally practicing these projects in every class they take. You may not have seen them perform a specific skill set, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t done so in a project for one of their courses yet. Students are used to structured projects with clear objectives. Consider how you delegate tasks to take advantage of these strengths and you will gain an innovative perspective on how to approach the task from the student.

3.  The Business Development

Lastly, students can be tremendously helpful in developing your business. Once an intern is established at their role, let them discover the work to be done. This could bring to light work that is consistently put off or possibly missed altogether. A co-op student will find their own work to do if they’re given enough training to understand the business processes and company vision.

Let an intern find an activity you haven’t looked at in a while. In the short-term, you will improve day-to-day efficiency, but in the long-run you can redefine job descriptions or even describe a whole new role. Just some of the responsibilities students are able to tackle include:

  • Analyzing prospect databases to find your most profitable clients
  • Developing messages that generates engagement with your audience
  • Introducing new technologies and platforms to help streamline operations
  • Coordinating and following up on client requirements
  • Planning and executing projects
  • Creating preliminary budgets and schedules

There are many more benefits you will gain from hiring a co-op student that are specific to your business. If you regard the student as a resource and let them bring you their solutions, they will surprise you over and over again.

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