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Marketing Alumni panel speaks at GBC

Recently GBC Professor Norm Williams invited a group of Alumni back to the college for a panel discussing our experiences in the postgraduate marketing program at George Brown College to the latest crop of student in Strategic Relationship Marketing and in Financial Services Marketing.

The panel consisted of marketers spanning the past four years of the program. Students learned valuable lessons about how to succeed during their studies and their internships, as well as after graduation. Here are some of the main insights from this event:

  • Network Frequently: While there is a lot of opportunity, Toronto is a very competitive job market, especially in marketing. It’s not always about what you know, but rather who you know. Use groups like Meetup, Eventbrite, or the marketing trade associations to help connect with your industry.
  • Be Bold: Don’t be afraid to push boundaries to get what you want. People are accessible, regardless of what their title is. If you want to speak with the head of marketing at a company that you’re particularly interested in, just do it! You’d be surprised at the people who are willing to help you.
  • Create Your Own Opportunities: Always look for new ways that you can use your marketing skills to contribute. As you begin your working life or your student life, try to find ways to help your coworkers, your professors, or others in the networking community with their goals. Being a solutions-oriented person is a great personal virtue, plus it’s also a great way to show your value to potential employers.[/mks_two_thirds]

GBC Alumni Panelists

 Jennifer Kuta Jennifer Kuta
 Rachel Smethurst Rachel Smethurst
 John Paulino John Paulino
 Sana Mahmood Sana Mahmood
 Bailie Ross Bailie Ross
 Michael Tucker Michael Tucker