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Where Blogging Meets Your Marketing Plan

This semester I completed a blogging assignment for my Computer Applications for Database Marketing II course. While exploring online marketing tactics that businesses can use to engage their target audiences, I came across an interesting article about 4 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your business. It’s a great read and I found the following points from this article will definitely help your cause when you’re developing a marketing plan for your business.

Getting started with blogging is easy. Cloud based software like WordPress and Blogger allow you to set up a simple, yet effective blog with little to no technical skills. You can easily find content about your company and the issues that are important to your customers. Just pick some of the relevant tasks that you have on your schedule today and expand on that topic. A blog can bring about so many aspects to one thought and totally change the way you started thinking about it once other people chime in with their ideas and insights.

Some of the main reasons many businesses are using blogging in their marketing strategies is to drive the traffic to their websites by increasing their SEO. Blogging has also been a very effective tool to increase brand awareness and to help position a brand in the consumers’ mind. Many businesses use blogging to increase customer interactions and build on these relationships.

Social media is another tactic that businesses use to build brand awareness and customer relationships. Blogging can really add value to an existing social media marketing plan. The whole idea is that blogging can reinforce an already existing presence on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn by reaching out to not just the target market but also new potentials.

Whether this activity helps with your reach, blogging can certainly help a business be found more actively than without one. Using targeted keywords and expressions in the blogs can help increase its visibility online. Incorporating those words into the copy of your articles can work positively for marketing the businesses.

As an example, if a marketer at Canadian Tire starts writing blog posts they might focus their articles on Broil King barbecue grills that they carry within their stores for the summer season. The readers will not only become aware of Broil King barbecues, but they also might search into the Canadian Tire website or other sites from BBQ enthusiasts to learn more about the next grill they are interested in purchasing.

How do you use blogs in your business? What works and what doesn’t work for you? Please share it with us in the comments below. See you soon again for some more marketing tactics. Have a good one till then…

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